B Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Course

B Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Course in punjab


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B. Pharma in its full form is a Bachelor of Pharmacy. Whenever there is a cure for a disease, Pharmacy has a very big part to play in studying and evaluating it until it is eligible for use. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) is a four-year undergraduate program in which students research medication processing methods and procedures, and how pharmacy and medication dispensing happens.

Everyone who aspires to be a pharmacist today is expected to take this course so they have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the pharmacy method.

The medication that involves diagnosing the disease cause and then treating the disease to eliminate or prevent it from developing in the environment. For this reason, pharmacists are an important part of the healthcare industry and make the sector a success. It is a major healthcare industry segment that contributes to medicinal drug research as well as market growth, manufacture, and supply of medicines.

Jhulka Group of Colleges offering the best state of the art, quality education in the field of pharmacy by offering various courses: Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharma)

As a pharmacy practitioner who knows medications work primarily in studying and improving pain medication, by modifying the products, he works on medical problems. Additionally, quality control and testing as per Pharmacy Council regulations.

The pharmacy field is divided into different sections including hospital / clinical pharmacy, pharmacy industry and pharmacy regulators, etc.

A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy is the key to joining the medical and healthcare industry pharmacy sector. Anyone who is pursuing this degree must research key subjects like pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, pharmacology, and pharmacognosis. The pharmaceutical industry provides not only the production of drugs but also quality control, the supervision of laboratories according to standards.

Eligibility¬†criteria–¬†Students must have passed Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics / Biology for admission to the Pharmacy courses. In the qualifying test, students must achieve a minimum of 50-60 percent marks. Students are also eligible for the three-year Diploma of Pharmacy (D. Pharma).